Below are some testimonials from parents who have had children go through Montessori Monkeys.

My name is Ruth and I was born here in Ireland, but my parents are Romanian. I remember with joy my first day of school. At that time I had a million emotions: Will I be able to understand the English language? - because my parents spoke to me only in Romanian. Will I be able to play with the other children? - because I am very shy. How will I be able to sit at those huge tables and on those chairs?


It seemed a world so new and never walked through. At the beginning I thought I will cry in this class until I grow old. Honestly, it wasn't easy in the first moments. I thought that, if I cry I will solve the problem, but after a few tears I felt surrounded by the teacher's love and I woke up playing with children I'd never seen in my life. 


The months passed and I was learning so many new things: circle time, snack time, craft time, letters, numbers....


Look at me now in my last day of school, and a million emotions transformed in a million reasons to be joyful. Now I can speak not only one, but two languages, nearly three :) - English, Romanian and a bit of Irish!


I have enjoyed playing with the other children, and the huge tables and chairs reach my knees.


Thank you Catharine and Claire, thank you Mum and Dad for Montessori Monkeys


We were very apprehensive sending Amy to a Montessori as she was under 3 and to us still our baby. We looked around the area at various playschools and Montessori's. We chose Montessori Monkeys based on hearing great recommendations for them from various parents.
From the day she started in Montessori Monkeys we were never looked back. She settled in well and started to build on her friendships. She would love going to school and was so happy there.
Over the months we could see Amy's progress coming along greatly. She loved the various aspects of school and by far her favourite time was painting.
We were able to see her progress with her different skills throughout the year when she brought home her different creations and not to mention her special gifts for Mam and Dad.
The class interacted very well together and this was all down to Claire. She is amazing with the children and this shows by the bond they have with her. 
Amy was very upset when the term came to an end in June and wanted to continue to go to school. We reassured her that she is only off for a few weeks and she will back again this September.
We are delighted that we have a montessori for Amy like Montessori Monkeys and would highly recommend them to any parent.


Just a note to say how happy we were with the service at Montessori
Monkeys. Joshua was a student there for five months (due to us moving away) and in this time we found he was very happy to attend which in turn let us feel very comfortable leaving him.


He also seemed to have learned alot in his short time at Montessori Monkeys. They were always professional with their work and we wish Montessori Monkeys the very best in the future.


I recommend Montessori Monkeys to
anyone who's looking for a nice homely, yet professional atmosphere.

Thanking you

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