How much does Montessori Monkeys Charge?

What happens when your child does not meet the age requirements for the ECCE scheme / free pre-school?


At Montessori Monkeys we charge per month. You will pay the same amount each month, including the months that have mid-term/term breaks, as we calculate the cost for the whole year, and then divide it equally over the ten months.  


All fees are payable in advance on the first preschool day of every month. If your child was to come -


- 5 days a week (from 9.00am-12.00pm) it would cost €250 per month 

- 4 days a week - €200 per month

- 3 days a week - €150 per month

- 2 days a week - €100 per month

- 1 day a week - €50 per month


If your child is due to start the free scheme in January or April you will need to pay for 5 days a week to secure a free place for them.


Contact us now to secure your childs place at Montessori Monkeys

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