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Montessori Monkeys


Montessori Monkeys is fully equipped with all the Montessori materials and more! 


Montessori Monkeys offer the ECCE free preschool to children who meet the ECCE age requirements. We also provide Montessori to children from two years old at competitive rates. Contact us for more details, or visit our Fees page for an unbeatable special offer.


"Play Is The Work of the Child” Maria Montessori

Contrary to popular belief, the Montessori Programme is very much play-based,the children are free to choose what they would like to work/play with,gently led by a highly qualified Montessori teacher, who has years of experience. Play is very important for a child to develop their imagination, which will help the child greatly when it comes time for them to learn the concepts of numbers and letters. 


We have monthly lesson plans where your child will be taught different topics throughout each month, always allowing time to follow the childrens interests. We welcome any topic ideas from parents who would like to be more involved in carrying out the lesson plans. We encourage parent - teacher communication.  


We implement the montessori program which is child-centered; the children are guided to make their own decision about what they would like to work on and learn. Led by their own passion, interest and innate ability to learn, they choose their own work within a framework set by the teacher. 

Why Choose
Montessori Monkeys?
  • With the low teacher to child ratio, children get more individual attention from the teacher.

  • Montessori Monkeys has a Private Facebook group (seperate to the public page) where the teacher can update the parents weekly on what is happening in school.

  • We encourage the children to express themselves with the various art materials provided, with Play-doh and with Musical Instruments.

  • Every month, the children have the opportunity to do baking, and a "science experiment".

  • We do not charge any "optional extras".

Montessori Monkeys, 9 Saddlers Crescent, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15

01 - 4379062 / 085 - 7129051